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Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards

Perhaps the most challenging series of winery projects was the expansion of Sonoma-Cutrer from 1993 to 2001. Under the guidance of Brice Cutrer Jones, and aided by Sonoma-Cutrer’s “spare no expense” philosophy, a truly state of the art, one of a kind winery was born.

Projects at Sonoma-Cutrer included a pair of forced air cooling tunnels that chill 20 tons of grapes per hour from 75 F to 55F; the largest to date underground radiant cooled barrel cellar – over 30,000 square feet, with cellar temperatures as low as 46 F for long term barrel aging; new press facility with four 30,000 L presses; a new tank building with tanks as large as 50,000 gallons; new case goods storage facility, new bottling facilities; and a pinot wine making facility.

Sonoma-Cutrer bottles 5 different labels of chardonnay and one label of pinot noir. Sonoma-Cutrer's flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is the number one selling chardonnay in America’s finest restaurants according to the annual Wine & Spirits Magazine.